Subspace Segmentation

Geometric modeling of structured data with low-dimensional subspaces/manifolds, with applications in signal processing, robust control, and computational vision (segmentation). (update: July  19 2013)

Note: This page is no longer maintained. The most updated version can be found at















Before 2000 Classic References

Disclaimer– This page is meant to serve a hub for reference on this problem, and does not reflect any personal endorsement of papers listed here. So I do not hold any responsibility for quality and technical correctness of each paper. The reader is advised to use this resource with discretion.

If you’d like your paper to be listed here – Just drop me a few lines via email (which can be found on “Welcome” page). If you don’t bother to spend a word, just deposit your paper on arXiv. I get email alert about new animals there every morning,  and will be happy to hunt one for this zoo if it seems *fit*.

8 thoughts on “Subspace Segmentation

  1. Anonymous says:

    There is a new subspace method on ECCV 2012 you might want to add. Also the Brox method in CVPR is not related to subspace clustering really.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Also might be interesting to add an upcoming paper from CVPR2013

    Vasileios Zografos, Liam Ellis, Rudolf Mester “Discriminative Subspace Clustering”. CVPR 2013

  3. Anonymous says:

    Also this one from CVPR2013 (available for download)

    Click to access SSSC_cvpr2013.pdf

  4. Anonymous says:

    A wonderful summary! Good to see so many useful references. Thanks, Ju!

  5. Anonymous says:

    maybe you have interest on this one “Constructing L2-Graph For Subspace Learning and Segmentation ” from “″ arvix 2012

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