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看到ChinaTex 新浪博客上的一些有趣的博文,多是LaTeX使用技巧及工具推荐。摘录一些比较高级的文章,链接如下。

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It’s all about Tex!

A couple of things happened to Tex/Latex recently.

The first one comes about the “Father” of Tex, Prof. Emeritus Donald E. Knuth, gossiping about making an earthshaking announcement in TUG 2010 Conference.  He has actually advertised a nice name for successor of Tex. Guess what? iTex … Hope this gentleman hasn’t turned to an apple fan, provided his character of full of humors.

Record: An Earthshaking announcement by Prof. Knuth

Secondly Texmaker has released its 2.0 version (July 30th, 2010), featuring a built-in previewer. Nowadays there are at least dozens of ways to do previewing in Latex editing, most of which don’t require reopening the viewer. Since I’m accustomed to PdfLatex, several combinations that I have tested and work fine are as below.

  1. (Win) Texmaker/Winedt + Sumatra PDF
  2. (Linux) Texmaker/Gedit (with Latex plugin) + Evince
  3. (Win/Linux) Texworks with built-in previewer
  4. (Win/Linux) Texmaker with built-in previewer (New!)
  5. (Linux) Eclipse (TeXlipse) + Evince

Sumatra PDF viewer is an excellent lightweight open-source PDF viewer for Windows and should be recommended to all (the catch is it’s a disaster for printing).  Getting down to our business, I have tried to install  Texmaker 2.0 on my Ubuntu laptop (with v1.99 installed) as follows:

$ wget http://www.xm1math.net/texmaker/texmaker_2.0-1_i386.deb
$ sudo apt-get remove texmaker
$ sudo apt-get autoremove
$ sudo dpkg -i texmaker_2.0-1_i386.deb

It is much faster than previous versions and the previewer is really cool! The only catch with the installation is to ensure executing autoremove after removing previous versions (line 2 & 3), otherwise errors will be encountered.  I guess this is because some significant changes have to be made to the underlying engine to facilitate the previewing.

To close with some logistic things: I have changed the theme of this blog to make more place for text, and hopefully this pleases your eyes while reading.

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