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Watch the Math!

The International Congress of Mathematicians (Hyderabad, India) has announced the Fields Medalists this year.

Prize Winners at ICM’2010

Highlights of the four heroes:

Elon Lindenstrauss

for his results on measure rigidity in ergodic theory, and their applications to number theory

Ngo Bao Chau

for his proof of the Fundamental Lemma in the theory of automorphic forms through the introduction of new algebro-geometric methods.

Stanislav Smirnov

for the proof of conformal invariance of percolation and the planar Ising model in statistical physics.

Cedric Villani

for his proofs of nonlinear Landau damping and convergence to equilibrium for the Boltzmann equation.

Let’s be grateful to these great guys for making math a great subject that involves the most beautiful ideas and minds! And it seems a good time to mention of the ongoing hectic days with the claimed proof of P\neq NP! This blog article has reiterated the importance of the long-awaited proof and the current status of the intellectual struggle with Dr. Deolalika

Update (21/08/2010): Terence Tao also gave his personal exposition (here and here) on the remarkable work of Prize winners in ICM’2010.

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Prof. Walter Rudin’s Trilogy

I’m saddened to learn about Prof. Walter Rudin’s death.

Wikipage on Prof. Walter Rudin

Though I’m never a formal math undergraduate and get the chance to walk through the classic analysis courses (such as mathematical analysis, complex analysis, functional analysis, Fourier analysis, whatsoever), I do enjoy reading Prof. Walter Rudin’s books on these subjects. I love most his succinct and elucidative writing style, which leads me to the perfect rigor of maths. Remember Prof. Walter Rudin, and listen to his mathematical trilogy!

(Info: NUS science bookstore gets reprints of all these three classic books, at decent prices. )

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