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Google’s playing with politics?

The official Google Blog: A New Approach to China


Wrestling with the Chinese government and Chinese philosophies-This could be a serious topic for technological companies, in the upcoming era of web-based computing and social service. Microsoft has not in fact encountered this problem, because its past  business in China has focussed on software and operating system retails. It’ll be interesting to see how Google and Microsoft survive and consolidate their web services in China. Personally Baidu is the last engine I want to try. Continue reading

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改革历程—— The Secret Journal of ZZY

中国的历史上改革中兴者多遭其害,如 李斯,伍子胥,商鞅,王安石,等。不过多是因这些人不明白“主子的潜规则”:那个主子眼里能容得下比自己威望还高的人,况且改革的道路触及多数权力既得者 的利益,谁会把手里的“合法的压榨权”拱手释放。相对而言,因改革而牺牲自己的主子却不多,因为他们总能找到挡箭牌。ZZY成为这样的特例,确实是中国特 色下的产物。不过历史激浊扬清之时未到,我辈暂时无权评说。仅以少数的关键词概括此书,及当时的大概的环境:

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