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A sorry day for wild turkeys and me

It is a sorry day for wild turkeys. They have to be sacrificed for humans with the good reason of thanks-giving. Man, don’t let US treat you as wild turkeys, otherwise …

I shall also say sorry to Profs. Alan Yuille, Shih-fu Chang, and Larry Davis. They’re visiting our group this Dec. But I won’t be there receiving them. Really sorry! (The other day Gates visited MSRA, and I was busy with my work and not there also Winking smile you know, I am always unhappy with a guy making money from software) 

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ModernCV–A cool LaTeX Class for CV

Buzzing with preparation of application materials … you know some university requires more than one statement and you have to be careful about this kind of writing.

During my last several minutes to go to bed, I would like to recommend one Latex class for CV creation, ModernCV. It’s very handy and gets pretty cool features. And as the name suggests, the template generates fashionable CV in one shot.  You may take a look at my CV (apparently not optimized Smile , and it’s in Google Docs … sorry, forks). The only catch is there’s no official documentation there, so you need to know something (advanced) about LaTeX code to modify it if you really desire to do so …  

There’s one blog article summing up all the nice LaTeX tools for CV creation, enjoy! and bye!

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