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Settling OpenCV2.1 on Ubuntu

My Linux workstation has been upgraded all the way from Ubuntu 7.10 to 10.04, never missing a major release. And this possibly has created left garbages behind and hence caused itches. For example, I have never succeeded compiling and installing OpenCV on.  (What a pity and shame for a vision researcher! 🙂 )

Yesterday after a normal maintenance update, the box wouldn’t run smoothly. After desperately trying to  solve the problem for several times, without success, I turned to decide to make it a reincarnation. And …. 6 hours later, after the lengthy backup process, I installed the latest version of Ubuntu (10.04, Lucid) and was rewarded with another blessing: OpenCV2.1 now settled on it without any problem. Cheers! And as well thanks to this guy for his helpful blog.

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