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Battery Problem with Nikon Coolpix L100

Nikon Coolpix L100 is a compact Megazoom digital camera, coming with 15x optical zooming capacity and wide view angle – ideal for amateur photo-takers like me . The price is also not bad, at about $400 Singapore dollars when I bought one in 2009. The only pitfall is with its batteries: at the outset, it simply doesn’t accept rechargeable batteries, such as the typical Ni-MH’s – even you’re not a doctrine environmentalist, it may bother you a lot whenever you have to head for stores for batteries.

In fact, Nikon has added in rechargeable support not long after this camera was released. You can follow these steps to get your L100 live well with the rechargeable:

  1. Firmware Version. Press the MENU botton, and go to Set Up –> Firmware version. If the firmware is COOLPIX L100 Ver.1.0, you will need to update your firmware to V1.1. following these instructions (Coolpix L100 1.1 firmware update from Nikon website).
  2. Battery Type. After the updating, one has to select Set up –> Battery type –> COOLPIX (Ni-MH) to enable this lovely feature.

Now you should be able to power your L100 with your rechargeable batteries (and also still be able to use the disposable)!

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