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How to fix ‘$MFTMirr does not match $MFT (record 0)’ [updated version… ]

portable-canvio-3-redI hate Toshiba external disk driver’s fragile cable port … you have to keep your hands on while data are being transferred; otherwise you probably find the current article or this (a) or this (b).

This (a) has explained things pretty clearly, except for that you won’t find ntfsprogs in recent versions of Linux distributions, as the ntfsprogs project has been merged with the ntfs-3g project under Tuxera Inc. according to Wiki. The real attack works as described in Answer in this (b), except that one needs to check out the mount point by “sudo fdisk -l” and “sudo ntfsfix -b XXX” to get the program to start the fix, where XXX is to be replaced by the real mount point.

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CVX Annouced Version 2 (beta)

CVX has become an indispensable tool for modeling and prototyping in various scientific disciplines, in particular where optimization play significant roles.  It provides a most intuitive modeling interface that bridges complex formulation and the underlying numerical solvers, saving the user abundant time for thinking.

Version 2 of CVX has featured extended support for commercial solvers, MOSEK and Gurobi. This is really good news for academic users, since 1) both solvers provide free licenses to academic users; and 2) both solvers are mostly more optimized than the free solvers currently bundles with CVX, namely, SDPT3 and SeDuMi. Related part of the announcement as follows:

  • Academic users may utilize the CVX Professional capability at no charge.
    • Users with a valid academic license for Gurobi 5.0 or later may use it with CVX without obtaining a CVX Professional license. This is because CVX is able to detect the presence of an academic Gurobi license.
    • In order to use MOSEK, a CVX Professional license is required. We intend to provide such licenses at no charge, but we have not yet completed the licensing architecture. We will make an announcement once this has been completed.

In addition, mailing list support has changed into a Q&A forum (StackExchange style …) and the documentation has changed to online html version with better cross references.

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Battery Problem with Nikon Coolpix L100

Nikon Coolpix L100 is a compact Megazoom digital camera, coming with 15x optical zooming capacity and wide view angle – ideal for amateur photo-takers like me . The price is also not bad, at about $400 Singapore dollars when I bought one in 2009. The only pitfall is with its batteries: at the outset, it simply doesn’t accept rechargeable batteries, such as the typical Ni-MH’s – even you’re not a doctrine environmentalist, it may bother you a lot whenever you have to head for stores for batteries.

In fact, Nikon has added in rechargeable support not long after this camera was released. You can follow these steps to get your L100 live well with the rechargeable:

  1. Firmware Version. Press the MENU botton, and go to Set Up –> Firmware version. If the firmware is COOLPIX L100 Ver.1.0, you will need to update your firmware to V1.1. following these instructions (Coolpix L100 1.1 firmware update from Nikon website).
  2. Battery Type. After the updating, one has to select Set up –> Battery type –> COOLPIX (Ni-MH) to enable this lovely feature.

Now you should be able to power your L100 with your rechargeable batteries (and also still be able to use the disposable)!

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Useful Tips on Running External Programs from Matlab on Linux

Most of these problems stem from bad association of Matlab’s C++ (or Fortran) libraries. The solution is often to create a soft-link and point to the corresponding system libraries. This blog article provides a very nice summary of this!

Matlab: Running External Programs

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Software & Services: Mergence and Liberation (not breakaway)

Two pieces of news are around recent days, related to software and online services.



Windows Live and get married, to all surprise!  No doubt will at least double its users, and Windows Live gets well advertised and its other services closely linked to the current and future users. But as skeptical as usual, I guess this is more like a “soft acquisition”rather than a “co-operation”.  Why? I simply do not see the reason why can survive for long purely for the service of blogging hosting (and perhaps also the web hosting toolkit they provide with

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软件推荐——Adobe Digital Edition 1.0

Adobe Systems 最近发布了新产品Adobe Digital Editions 1.0,一款管理电子文档,例如eBooks,数字报纸和其他电子出版物的软件,目前针对Microsoft Windows和Mac系统用户免费发行, Adobe Digital Editions的发布意在为阅读者和出版商提供创新体验.

下载: (英文版)



Ps; 推荐一个转化word, photo 等等文档和图像到pdf 的免费软件: cutepdf

下载: (英本版)

暂时没有发现其汉化版本。当然Adobe Acrobat Professional 的功能似乎更大强大,但是它数百M的安装包相信是很多人不能接受的。相比之下,cutePdf的小于10M的安装包显得体态轻盈。转化过程及其简单,选择“打印–>cutePDF Writer”即可。pdf预览出现之后,将结果保存即可。说Print on the fly 一点也不过分

下载建议:对于基本的应用,下载并安装CutePDF Writer (1.6M) 即可.

(以下效果图为 Adobe Digital Editions 1.0, 处处体现着Windows Vista 的风格,建议与Adobe reader 8.1.0 配合使用)


软件推荐——Apple Safari

软件fans又有福了!这次给大家介绍一个果味的浏览器——Apple Safari!


IE7 Logo

又漂亮又贤惠的当然是大家的共爱了,在这方面果味大亨Apple就做的很好。这次Apple 把其优秀的闺女——Safari浏览器开始向windows 家族下嫁了!

Macintosh Users Urged to use Safari as Internet Explore Ends Support

Safari的icon让俺一下子想到了Jack 船长超级NB的compass ! 所以海盗fans们应该首先抢得!Safari 对于苹果的用户相信并不陌生,所以下面的简单的介绍是针对windows的用户的!

酷毙的是Safari的界面,继承了Apple软件赏心悦目的清爽风格。银色的底色,加上蓝色的拉动条,和顶部简洁而功能强大的选项栏,不禁让人联想到“绿色环保”!选项栏里file, edit, view, history, bookmarks, window, help 几乎涵盖了IE的所有功能,而且更有不少的惊喜之处!And you know the most important thing? Safari的速度要比IE 快得多,而且也胜过 firefox (oh, my little innocent fox, I’m not intending to say this, but…) 虽然现在windows版的Safari 还是公测版的。

所以,今天就来试试这款高效率,环保的果味浏览器吧! (Most recent version: 3.0.3)

(Ps: 现在还没有简体中文版,所以尝鲜阶段只能用English edition 了。。。现在对于中文的输入似乎还存在问题,不过相信随着升级包的发行,这个问题应该很快就能被解决)