CV Meeting — Frontiers in computer vision

Prof. Alan Yuille (UCLA) in parter with others is organizing a special workshop for exploring frontiers in vision, a good chance for researchers to pause a while and look backward and forward.

Frontiers in Computer Vision

From the cyber-discussion being fired there, some interesting disagreements amongst these top vision researchers are already significant: conservatism versus radicalism, and pragmatism versus idealism. For a research community as ambitious and diverse and young as vision, nevertheless, consensus rarely occurs and ideological debates prevail — it is not surprising; in fact, this signals an active research field in my opinion. But my humble mind is really seeking some fuels the workshop could potentially generate for these topics:

  1. Object recognition
  2. Culture of scholarship in vision
The former has been central on the spot for the past 10 years with least success, while the latter has partially contributed to the dismal stagnation.
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