Google’s playing with politics?

The official Google Blog: A New Approach to China

Wrestling with the Chinese government and Chinese philosophies-This could be a serious topic for technological companies, in the upcoming era of web-based computing and social service. Microsoft has not in fact encountered this problem, because its past  business in China has focussed on software and operating system retails. It’ll be interesting to see how Google and Microsoft survive and consolidate their web services in China. Personally Baidu is the last engine I want to try.

Hope these western monsters survive in a paradise of eastern dragons!
And technologically sophisticated, please don’t be politically naive!

Further readings: 

  1. Google’s China Way (2006, The New York Times)
  2. Google, Citing Attack, Threads to Exit China (2010, New Work Times)
  3. Google’s Threat Would Mean Giving Up a Lucrative Market (2010, New York Times)
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