Struggle for survival: 2012 and Avatar

All is about survival and the battles for that, 2012 and Avatar – the former between humans and Nature, whereas the latter between humans (or invaders or colonists) and alien creatures (“blue monkeys” and their Nature).

Humans get less chance to win in fighting with the nature, specially cursed by end-of-the-world tsunamis and earthquakes (turn-over of the earth). It’s there, but not completely all. 2012 told us humans can build gigantic ships that can stand several months over the disaster, and survive human and other species, and civilizations. Suddenly comes in the problem: who should be saved from the disaster, and who deserve to be survived and to be expected to be capable enough the hold the responsibility of continuing the civilization? That’s not for sure. Again 2012 answered it clearly: people who are rich, who are powerful, and perhaps who are intelligent. Others are deprived of the rights to escape, and even of the right to be informed of that, until it’s too late to know.

“People” living in Pandora are in fact warned about the sweeping military attacks, if they refuse to move from their sacred land. But there’s no sign the battle for habitation can be any easier than fighting with the nature ( In ovbious fact, Na’vi have an intimate connection with the nature, and other species such as the flying dragons.) To fight with military force from alien planet, Na’vi are obviously not blessed to use their arrows to combat missiles. Sentiment strongly suggests the lack of fairness, but it’s not a big deal for the security chief of the corporation, Col. Quaritch, who’s manifestly a disciplined militarist.

So the moral of the two stories is how to fight for survival, without the common ground of fairness. And we’ve seen the difficulty to turn the impossible even slightly.

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One thought on “Struggle for survival: 2012 and Avatar

  1. Anonymous says:

    forget everything and kill
    then try to remember things u want to remember

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