Life is struggle

Well, Life is struggle…Why?
When you’re longing for romance,  you’re lucky enough to see such a PLMM…
then you get sleepless for three days, and tell your friend your eyes get raped
and after that, you lay still as a
Oahu photo
And you try your best to be memoryless…Struggle!
 But you still don’t wanna be alone….so it’s time to find some female turtle
But you don’t have networks complex as this
 A6 Andromeda Andromeda A6 synthesizer
And PLMM is scarce today….So how???Maybe PLJJs…
you don’t know if you’re highpass or lowpass…
Well, a famous ‘lowpass’ guy, an Chinese American, Nobel Prize Laureate
You never believe a grandpa can ever marry a granddaughter…But…
But you don’t wanna be a radical turtle like that, but…
This seems fine…Big Sister and Little brother can be so closely engaged, so you’ve decided
Find a PLJJ except for FRJJ (she’s intrugingly beautiful! Not safe you know…) But you have to move on across the sands, struggle… 
May God Bless turtle!

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